/əˈbʌv / (say uh'buv)

1. in or to a higher place; overhead: the blue sky above.
2. higher in rank or power: appeal to the courts above.
3. before in order, especially in a book or writing: from what has been said above.
4. in heaven.
5. in or to a higher place than: fly above the earth.
6. more in quantity or number than: the weight is above a tonne.
7. superior to, in rank or authority.
8. not capable of (an undesirable thought, action, etc.).
9. beyond the reach of: above suspicion; above reproach.
10. in preference to: to favour one child above another.
11. said, mentioned, or written above; foregoing: the above explanation.
12. above all, principally; most importantly of all.
13. above and beyond the call of duty, beyond what a person would normally be expected to do.
14. above oneself, in a heightened state; elated: above themselves with satisfaction.
15. above suspicion, of such probity as never to invite suspicion of wrongdoing.
16. get (a bit) above oneself, to adopt a superior air; have expectations out of keeping with one's status or position.
17. rise above oneself, to demonstrate unusual and outstanding qualities of skill, virtue, etc.
18. the above, that which was said, mentioned, or written previously.
{Middle English; Old English abufan, from a-1 + bufan above}

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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